52 Guitars, week 26—Taylor Solid Body (SB2-S)

This week I’m going to do something different. I’m going to reference a guitar I’ve actually played before. Crazy right!?

Last year I was lucky enough to visit San Diego and I made sure I took the time to visit the Taylor Guitars Factory Tour. If you get the chance to participate in this tour, make sure you do. It’s guitar heaven. When I was there I played the Taylor Guitars Solid Body SB2-S (and many others from the Taylor Guitars range). Although I went there expecting to learn a lot about acoustic guitar manufacturing, I walked away with an increased appreciation for the Taylor Guitars Solid Body range.  52 Guitars, week 26—Taylor Solid Body (SB2-S)

Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)

Recently I received a gift pack of TUSQ guitar plectrums from the kind people at Graph Tech. The TUSQ plectrums are made using the same technology/material that Graph Tech has been applying to its saddles and bridges for almost 30 years. This man-made ivory improves the harmonics, vibration control and tone when used in the nut and/or bridge. So I was curious what that would mean when the same material was applied to the guitar plectrum. Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)