Unknown garden flower

This was the result of some quick macro photography experimentation today. No tripod and an unfortunate amount of wind. Still, this detail isn’t too bad. Photograph taken on my Huawei P30 Pro (no filters).

I am unsure what the flower is. Possibly a daisy.

Static butterfly

Yesterday the butterflies were plentiful and active. Today there are fewer butterflies and they’re less active. This allowed for a closer shot than yesterday’s photographs. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Garden flower

I do not know what type of bush grows this flower, but it is growing in my yard. I don’t recall planting it, so it may be a ‘weed’ or something bird brought in. Still, it’s not unattractive when it flowers. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.


A close-up photograph of some lichen growing on a small tree in my yard. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Blue butterfly

The third decent photograph I captured today in my back yard—thank you social distancing and isolation?!—while the butterflies enjoyed the flowers and sunlight. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Orange butterfly

The second of three decent photographs captured today in my own backyard. Not being a butterfly/moth expert, I’m currently assuming this is a butterfly. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Trio of butterflies

It’s been a while since I pulled the camera out of the bag and today there were dozens of butterflies in the back yard. It was a beautiful sight to see while being confined to my own yard like most of the world currently. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Water droplets on a leaf in Canada

I love water droplets on tree leaves. The leaf shapes in Canada are often visually appealing as well. Both combined on this day to create an image I am very happy with. A beautiful green leaf with lots of clean water droplets.

Nature is a wonderful thing. Photograph taken on my Huawei Mate 10.

Suburban Bird of Prey

I managed to capture this photograph of a bird of prey—I am unsure exactly what kind of bird this is—over my house in suburbia. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.