Lick of the Day collaboration

A few days ago I posted a very quick riff I’d called From Go to Woah!┬áthat I’d created using IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube on the iPad. Not long after posting that riff to SoundCloud Dave from the Lick of the Day website asked if he could record a solo over it. I said “Sure” and sent Dave my exported WAV and MP3 files from AmpliTube.

Before I could say “Yngwie Malmsteen is a ferociously fast guitar player who has a fascination with Ferraris and Rolexs” Dave had created his solo, laid it over my backing track and released it as his latest Lick of the Day with video and tab for all to enjoy. Dave’s solo track is entitled Don’t poke the Scarebear. Obviously, I love it. Lick of the Day collaboration