Dialtone Pickups—finally, the video I’ve promised

Regular readers of this website may have seen me mention my love for Dialtone Pickups before. I was lucky enough to see them at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show and I installed my first set of Dialtone Pickups in May last year. Since then I have mentioned a few times how much I love the pickups and several people on Twitter and Facebook have asked me how they sound. Each time I’ve said something along the lines of “They sound amazing! I need to make a video to showcase them.”

Well it took me almost a year and a fresh install of my own v2 Dialtone Pickups, but I have done it. The video has been put together. Pity it wasn’t really worth the wait—you’ll see soon enough if you read this entire article. then again, maybe this well crafted blog post with pretty colour photographs will make it all better. Let’s see. Dialtone Pickups—finally, the video I’ve promised

52 Guitars, week 1—Kramer Baretta (The ’84)

I love guitars. I can’t explain my fascination to anybody that doesn’t love guitars, so I don’t try. I am lucky enough to own a few guitars already and hope to never stop buying new models each time my circumstances allow me to do so. I have a wife who wants that to end, but I’m sure she’ll get over that. Having said that, this new article series which I’ve brilliantly named 52 Guitars (on account of me attempting to write about a different guitar I would love to own each week this year) may provide me with enough enjoyment to be happy with the virtual collection instead of attempting to grow my real-world collection.

Yeah … I doubt it. 52 Guitars, week 1—Kramer Baretta (The ’84)