My Twitter inspired Father’s Day iTunes wishlist

Today is Father’s Day in Australia. I was lucky and received an iTunes voucher as part of my present from my ‘grateful for their lives’ children. I had decided a few days ago that if I received an iTunes gift card I would do a couple of things with it. Firstly I would use it to create some new plectrums using my PickMaster¬†plectrum maker. Secondly, I would use the credit from the gift card to buy music from some of the bands/acts I’d discovered through the Twitter network.

I decided to do the second item first as to do otherwise meant cutting up my card before grabbing the redeem code from the back. Plan ahead! My Twitter inspired Father’s Day iTunes wishlist

Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)

Recently I received a gift pack of TUSQ guitar plectrums from the kind people at Graph Tech. The TUSQ plectrums are made using the same technology/material that Graph Tech has been applying to its saddles and bridges for almost 30 years. This man-made ivory improves the harmonics, vibration control and tone when used in the nut and/or bridge. So I was curious what that would mean when the same material was applied to the guitar plectrum. Take your pick (plectrum comparisons)