52 pedals, week 3—Electro Harmonix Tone Tattoo

Sometimes when you’re researching pedal after pedal after pedal, they all start to blur into one. It becomes hard to differentiate one pedal from another. When I started researching the pedal to add to my wishlist this week, I thought I’d been at it too long and combined several pedals into one. I was wrong though. It wasn’t me. No, Electro Harmonix (EHX) went and did that themselves when they created the Tone Tattoo. 52 pedals, week 3—Electro Harmonix Tone Tattoo

EHX Nano Looper 360

Electro-Harmonix (or EHX) has announced the Nano Looper 360. It looks dead-easy to use with two simple knobs and an on-off foot-switch. I’m dead-easy. This therefore appeals to me. The recommended retail price of $135 USD also appeals to me. Well, as much as any American currency can appeal to an Australian. I know affordable when I see it. This is affordable. EHX Nano Looper 360