Another 52 Guitars, week 37—EVH Striped Series

This guitar was always going to be in this series. I never thought it would be in the series as this kind of tribute article though. I also never thought it would follow my other favourite signature style guitar—the model used by Randy Rhoads—the Sandoval Dot V.

Tragically, this is where we find ourselves. The man who was the most influential guitarist of the era I find myself in, has passed away. We will however always have the memories and the awe inspiring EVH Striped Series.

Before I get into what I consider to be the most obvious reasons why I’d desire this week’s guitar, I want to share why Eddie Van Halen’s passing meant so much to me.

Another 52 Guitars, week 37—EVH Striped Series

52 guitarists, week 2—Eddie Van Halen

I’ve decided to stick with a timeline approach to my blogging for this series of 52 guitarists. For now, that will be the approach. Next week, who knows?! I’ve also decided that today’s post will have some profanity in it. You have been warned.

You may wonder what the two have in common. A timeline approach and profanity. Well, when you’re a fifteen year old boy and someone introduces you to the sound of Eddie Van Halen, there’s not much you can do but swear. Well, if you’re anything like me at least. 52 guitarists, week 2—Eddie Van Halen