Water droplets on a leaf in Canada

I love water droplets on tree leaves. The leaf shapes in Canada are often visually appealing as well. Both combined on this day to create an image I am very happy with. A beautiful green leaf with lots of clean water droplets.

Nature is a wonderful thing. Photograph taken on my Huawei Mate 10.

HMQS Gayundah at Woody Point

I decided to make a weekend trip to Redcliffe so I could attempt some sunrise photographs of the HMQS Gayundah wreck at Woody Point, Redcliffe. As it turned out, this photograph I took while scouting the area the afternoon before was one of my favourite photographs from the weekend.

This photograph was taken with my Huawei Mate 10.

Suburban Bird of Prey

I managed to capture this photograph of a bird of prey—I am unsure exactly what kind of bird this is—over my house in suburbia. Photograph taken on Nikon D60.

Melbourne street art

Melbourne street art in the form of spray painted grafitti in one of the many laneways in this beautiful city. Photograph taken on Nikon S7000.