52 pedals, week 41—Truetone V2 Son of Hyde

It’s been an interesting past few entries in the 52 pedals series. I’ve stayed away from the overdrive and distortion pedals just to show I’m not as predictable as some people think I am. I mean, there are other things that interest me. I’m not one dimensional.

Arrrggghh! Who am I kidding? I love distortion! It’s my favourite effect. Sure, there’s a part of me that loves all-things pedals. I love them all, just not equally. My true love is that broken up and dirty sound that can only be delivered through an overdriven or fully distorted sound.

I am one dimensional after all. I’m not some kind of split personality character like you’d find in a Robert Louis Stevenson novella. That reminds me, this entry in the series is about the Truetone V2 Son of Hyde. See where I went there? 52 pedals, week 41—Truetone V2 Son of Hyde