SilQ—quite the sexy little iOS EQ app

For a while now I’ve been lucky enough to have access to the SilQ app that the talented TonApp As created. You may know TonApp As through their handy little Guitar Capo+ app—which is also quite a sexy little app. Perhaps they’re cornering the market on sexy iOS apps. I’m sure that’s a niche market.

Anyhow, I’ve been playing around with SilQ and I have to say … I love it! There are EQ apps and then there’s SilQ—quite simply the best EQ app I’ve come across. I’m rethinking my opinion on EQ effects in a signal chain now—my previous opinion was not very high. SilQ—quite the sexy little iOS EQ app

Six scary questions—TonApp As

I was lucky enough to have come across Jon-Morten from TonApp As on Twitter last year and then discover the very cool iOS app he had developed called GuitarCapo+ (which you’ve no doubt seen me write about and make a video for). I’m a big fan of GuitarCapo+ so I was very excited when Jon-Morten agreed to participate in my Six Scary Questions article series. So, if you’re interested in seeing what makes TonApp As tick and potentially see what’s in store, read on.

If you’re a guitar lover, you may love the ending. I do. Ssshhh … Six scary questions—TonApp As