52 pedals, week 45—Rockbox Brown Sugar

Guess what?! I’ve saved another pedal discovery from the 2015 Winter NAMM Show for the end of the 52 Pedals series. I’m so sneaky. This pedal is shockingly an overdrive style guitar pedal. I’ve pretty much given up on looking at pedals that don’t enhance my overdriven or distorted tones.

Oh, I should point out that when I say discovery I am referring to the fact that the pedal was a discovery for me. I didn’t discover this pedal some some kind of Captain Cook of the guitar world. Although Captain Cook didn’t discover something that people before him didn’t know about. Huh … I guess I am like Captain Cook. I’m more piratey though.

And on that note … “Arrrrh! That be the Rockbox Brown Sugar pedal and I likes it!” 52 pedals, week 45—Rockbox Brown Sugar