52 pedals, week 22—Red Panda Context

I had lunch with friends today and mentioned that I’d once made a logo that had a panda in it for no apparent reason. The logo also featured red writing because I wanted to recognise that the black and white panda—clearly my favourite—had a relative known as the Red Panda. The fact that the logo I’d made was for a marketing department that had nothing to do with pandas was irrelevant*. That’s fitting really, because this introduction has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s wishlist pedal.

Well I suppose I could reference the fact that the manufacturer of this week’s pedal is called Red Panda. That may give the introduction some context. The fact that this week’s pedal is named Context probably helps too.

What do you know? I made it work. To the article! 52 pedals, week 22—Red Panda Context