My home made IKEA pedal board

When I say I’m not a carpenter, I mean it (I did make that claim in my previous post). That’s part of the reason it’s taken me so long to add anything to this website. Even though I found a truly awesome online resource for the creation of your own pedal board (using some preassembled IKEA components) it has taken me months to build my own pedal board. But I like my Gorm Pedal board (Gorm is the name of the shelf unit I needed to buy from IKEA) and I had a great time building it.

Taking months also allowed me to slowly build upon my pedal collection. My wife assures me my collection is now complete. I’m sure she’s right. Let’s see what my pedal board—and collection—looks like now.

I did take an entire series of photos during the process, but they’re pretty much along the lines of those in the original post I was referencing above. Completed, my pedal board looks like the image in this post’s intro—because that is my pedalboard.

If you like colour—I’m trying to keep colour off this particular website—you can see this photo on my photography website. It’s sturdy, matches the colour scheme of my guitar room and has two power packs under it to power all of the pedals at once. No batteries here!

Here’s a quick rundown of my new pedal collection. Top-left going clockwise.

  1. Boss Loop Station RC-2
  2. Joyo Vintage Phase
  3. Joyo Classic Flanger
  4. MXR Fullbore Metal
  5. Joyo Vintage Overdrive
  6. Artec Vintage Power Wah
  7. Joyo JT-55 Pedal Tuner
  8. Joyo Ultimate Drive
  9. Boss Chorus CE-2
  10. Joyo Tremolo
  11. Joyo Digital Delay

Lucky 11. When I started building the pedal board I didn’t have the Artec Wah or any of the Joyo pedals. I started buying them on eBay for very little money. Almost all of them are new and the most I spent on one pedal was $40.00. The last four pedals I got for $100.00. I was very pleased with that purchase. I believe outside of the Boss pedals everything else on the pedal board is true bypass.

So there you have it. It took me months, but I now have hours of entertainment at my feet. I’m really impressed with the new pedals actually. I might write a bit about them individually. I know when I was researching the Joyo pedals I found it difficult to find much in the way of useful information. I’ll try and add to that collection of not useful information.