Evangelos Koudonas—Interviewed Scarebear style!

I have done a few articles which I labelled Six scary questions recently and I feel incredibly lucky to have done those (I’ve interviewed some really amazing companies). I love that the Internet makes so many people so accessible. I also love that the Internet makes so many talented people known to me. That recently got me thinking that there are some people out there that I’ve come across on Twitter and/or Facebook that are clearly too talented to be as unknown as they are. I can’t do anything to fix that, but I can ask them a series of questions to see if they’re willing to share a bit about themselves for anybody who is interested.

Evangelos Koudonas is one of those people. Luckily for me, he agreed to an online chat which I’ll call an interview. It makes me feel like I’m a journalist. Evangelos Koudonas—Interviewed Scarebear style!

Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)

Regular visitors to this website know I have issues with colour. As much as possible I try to strip it from my website. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but Evangelos Koudonas has released the first album that I’ve decided to write about and included a colour in the album name. Obviously Evangelos couldn’t have known that I’d write this article, but still he has made me say Into the Blue is an outstanding album. Even if it does say blue. Into the Blue (fresh new music by Evangelos Koudonas)