The C Giant acoustic guitar I bastardised

I once started a series of articles on the guitars I have in my own collection. I started that series when all the images on this website were in black and white. I’ve since decided it was time to start the series again. What better place to start this updated series with one of the guitars I updated bastardised a few years ago.

This is the story of my C Giant acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar I bought from Aldi. It seemed like a sensible idea at the time.

The C Giant acoustic guitar I bastardised

My C Giant story

The third guitar I purchased in my current collection of guitars was bought for a reason unlike any other prior (or since for that matter). I was looking for a guitar I could keep at work. An office guitar if you will. I considered purchasing an electric guitar for work, but ended up deciding against that for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don’t play an electric guitar unless you’re plugging it in to something that is capable of applying distortion to your sound*.
  2. If you’re going unplugged, an acoustic guitar is louder and therefore more annoying.

Seems logical right? My C Giant story