52 pedals, week 27—Blakemore Effects R.O.U.S.

Has it been a week already since the last one of these posts?! Oh that will never get old with me. I suck at scheduling these posts this year. Must be my age. Anyhow, something that is not affected by age is distortion. Ever since the first caveman plugged a club into an amplifier, distortion has been king. It’s the reason there are no more dinosaurs.

This is not based on evidence, but a theory I have which nobody has been able to disprove.

What I hope I will be able to prove though is that the R.O.U.S. pedal by Blakemore Effects is a kickass pedal. I’ll do that with words and video (of other more talented people than me). Who knows, you may walk away from this article feeling the need to get yourself one of these pedals. I know I do (and I haven’t even finished the article!) 52 pedals, week 27—Blakemore Effects R.O.U.S.