Review: AmpKit LiNK

AmpKit LiNK is difficult to type on account of its varied capitalisation, but it’s so simple to use. Here’s the basic process.

  • ensure your battery is in place (I’ll mention how cool the battery feature is later)
  • plug in your guitar
  • plug in your headphones/speakers
  • insert interface into iOS device
  • rock!

Review: AmpKit LiNK

iShred LIVE for iPhone

The iShred LIVE app is one of the first amplifier/FX simulators I became aware of when I first discovered it was possible to play guitar through the iPhone. It was also through this app that I discovered the GuitarConnect Cable (the first guitar/iPhone interface I purchased). I mention that because of the interfaces I currently own, only GuitarConnect Cable and AmpKit LINK work with iShred LIVE. GuitarJack does not.

One of the things I still like about this app, is that it’s free. You need to purchase the effects that you require from inside the app, but it comes with enough for free to keep anybody playing for hours. Like I’ve done for a day.

So let’s get straight into it with my usual black and white imagery. Full colour graphics available at the developer’s website. iShred LIVE for iPhone